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gae was neat, a bit odd at first and a bit short but it was fun for what it was.

Thanks for giving it a look!

Lmao, i like the simpleness of this game.

Thank you!

It would be really cool if you had a mode where you could shoot specific words out of a paragraph and rewrite the plot in a purposely destructive manner :)

Great game :D love how we players of your game want to start our own adventure

Hahaha thanks for playing!

anytime :D

What a ride that was! it was like a choose your own adventure game, but waaay better. Great work :D

Thanks so much for playing!!


Je n'ai pu m’empêcher d'y jouer! Tellement original et bien écrit, j'ai bien ri :)

Merci d'avoir joué!

That was neat! I managed to miss some dialog choices I could have sworn I was aiming at, but it was a nice time overall.

Thanks so much for playing!!

That was an extraordinary great game! Not just that you created a innovative combination of two different game genres, but it was also fun to explore this weird western world. <3 That's storytelling that can hit the player right into the heart of oddity! :D Happily I wrote a praising article about it and also uploaded a short playthrough video. <3 Thank you very much for that!

Best wishes,


I had so much fun playing this! Its a really cool concept!

Thank you!!


This was hilariously fun :) Definitely a unique experience!

Thank you!! Thanks for playing it!


Really fun game. Made no sense at points. And that was the best part of it!

I cant wait for your future games!

- Seafood

Thank you!!


I absolutely loved this game! I couldn't stop laughing! The text in the game is hilarious and I really enjoyed the narrative! Thank you so much for this and congrats on finishing it!

Ah man, thanks so much!! I loved how into it you got with this play-through haha


Gotta' love a bit of cowboy IF, even though Twine meant a whole different thing to them back then.


Bahaha this is weird and wonderful! Thank you!!

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the game :D


Ahhhhh this is excellent!!

Windows download link doesnt work.

This seems to be happening sporadically for some people. I've added mirror links to the bottom of the description. Hope that helps!


Really cool game! :D I guess there's several endings to it as well? :)
Anyways, here's my Let's Play of it! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you!! We appreciate it!

I should be thanking you! :D It was great! :)